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Learn how we have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners complete a short sale transaction. Also learn how we obtained short sale approval letters from the lender(s). We have the resources and experience to help you sell your home and you pay nothing out of pocket.


Many things can go wrong in a short salethat is why it is very important to engage aqualified real estate agent who has fruitfully closed at least 20 sales.A lot of mistakes can be made due to the complexities of a short sale.Someone who has specialized knowledge in these kinds of sales will be useful in the long run.Not only will they be better at negotiating with the lender, but they will also be able to use their connections to get a deal finalized faster. Many companies and people will take advantage of homeowners who are facing this situation, and our expert team can help you avoid them plus get information to help you decide.

Her are some things you need to consider before hiring an agent.

1.Education and Experience – You need an agent who has experience in negotiating contracts and short sales. They should also have contacts in banks and understand the language needed in the contracts. Someone who doesn’t have all this will end up wasting your time and you might even end up facing foreclosure. Make sure the agent deal with the entire short sale procedure themselves, and that they don’t pass you off to an assistant or another agent.

2. Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality – The best agents are good because they remove all emotions from the transaction. The ideal agent for you is someone who not only gives you advice, but also protects your interests during the transaction. You information should also be kept confidential from other parties.

Be wary of any agent who uses a third party to negotiate the short sale. Most of the time you will never meet this person. They do not know your situation and have no personal relationship with you, and this can undermine your interests.

3. Pay No Upfront Fees – Never use a company that charges you for a short sale transaction. The bank is supposed to pay the commissions and fees when the transaction closes. Some outside companies might charge extra fees to negotiate the sale, and the bank might not approve these fees endangering the transaction. Some agents might lower the commission to get the bank approval, but their negotiating this can result in the bank not approving the short sale. We do not have any extra fees, and we only get paid when the sale closes.

4. Be Wary of Agents Having Investors Submit Offers – These investors will put in an offer and the handle the negotiations. They are looking to buy the property at a low price and then sell it at a higher price later. They are only looking out for their own profit, and not your best interests. Once an appraisal is done and the true market value of the property is revealed, the offer may be rejected, but by then time has passed and you are one step closer to foreclosure. A goodshort sale agent will be experienced at closing successful short sales.They will communicate with you throughout the entire transaction and have your best interests as a priority.

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