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Learn how we have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners complete a short sale transaction. Also learn how we obtained short sale approval letters from the lender(s). We have the resources and experience to help you sell your home and you pay nothing out of pocket.

About National Short Sale Experts

National Short Sale Experts are a team that is committed to helping homeowners through the short sale process and reduce the amount they owe on their home loan. In a short sale, the lender for the mortgage agrees to accept less money than what is still owed to them on the loan by the homeowner. This helps the homeowner sell their house before facing foreclosure, and the lender does not have to go through the expensive process of a foreclosure.

Our experienced team of short sale agents has more than 30 years of combined experience in loans, real estate and in negotiating short sales. We take pride in being able to give every homeowner our full support and dedication which will help them get the best deal possible. A short sale is an alternative, and we work hard to make the process as simple and effortless as possible while providing complete information on all the options available to the homeowner. We communicate regularly with our clients so that all their questions are answered and we aim to provide the best service we can, and hope to keep our clients coming back to us again and again.

We do not charge fees, nor will we ask you to deed us (or a third party) the property. We are a well reputable and honest company that aims to help homeowners find financial solutions to their difficulty.

Our National Short Sale Professionals manage short sales in all areas. We can also refer you to our partners if you have property outside these areas, including the entire US. Feel free to contact us today and get to know us and take the first step in knowing your short sale options.


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